Maximizing Energy Efficiency

For a greener future, lower CO2 emissions and lower energy costs, we develop, finance and implement sustainable projects that yield concrete results. We develop renewable energy projects and maximize energy efficiency.

We have helped

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of energy

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of CO2 emissions

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companies and municipalities save

Resalta solutions for public clients
Public clients

We collaborate with clients from the public sector on projects to lower costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. We carry out the entire project, from energy analysis, project concept, to financing, implementation and maintenance, so that our public partners take on 0 risk.

Resalta solutions for commercial and business clients
Commercial and business clients

We help clients save energy and lower costs so that they can focus their resources on improving the comfort and experience of their own clients and staff. We take on all the risks and costs of energy renovation projects, from energy audit, concept, to financing, implementation and maintenance.

Resalta solutions for industrial clients
Industrial clients

We provide adapted industrial solutions regardless of production sector. By taking care of every step of the project from financing to maintenance, we optimize energy production processes to ensure the highest possible savings, while allowing clients to remain focused on their core business. 

Why choose Resalta?

Tailor made solutions

All our clients are different, there is no one size fits all approach. Our team has years of diversified expertise and will always find the best solution for each particular client.

Sustainable solutions

Our solutions are built to last and to reduce environmental impact. With Resalta, you can reach your green goals and improve life quality around you.


Resalta has strong backing and years of experience and expertise, but we maintain a flexible, responsive and agile mindset. Our independence allows us to be quick and efficient and best meet our clients’ needs in a short time frame while offering bespoke solutions.

23. 04. 2024

Solar power plant with total capacity of 2.2 MWp, devided into 0.86 MWp on the land and 1.33 MWp on…

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