Resalta and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia are launching an energy saving project

Resalta launches an energy saving project with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia and at the same time, the company is proud to announce the completion of the preparatory services for their first joint energy public-private partnership project.

In this project, Resalta, as a private partner, carried out a technological energy renovation project at two locations - the Barracks of Boštjan Kekec in Bohinjska Bela and the Air Base of Brnik. The implemented measures at both locations include the renovation of heating systems, the refurbishment of external and internal lighting and the introduction of remote energy management systems. Moreover, the company has installed two new high-efficiency wood biomass boilers with a total capacity of 1 MW at the Military Hospital of Boštjan Kekec and replacing the extra-light oil-fired steam boiler room. At Air Base of Brnik, the existing boiler house was modernised with the installation of a new gas-fired boiler and thus providing surplus fuel for heating the facilities. In addition, the heating sub-station was renovated and also heating of the garages from the central boiler house had been established. The renovations and the introduction of renewable energy sources will help to save the Ministry of Defence over 100 MWh of heat per year. After all, Resalta also replaced the existing lights with energy-efficient LED lighting and renovated the thermal substations at the Military Hospital of Boštjan Kekec.

Resalta, which completed the work within seven months of signing the contract, ensured more efficient and environmentally friendly energy use at both locations of the Ministry of Defense. In the future, the company will maintain the installed equipment and actively implement the continuous optimisation of the installed energy systems over the 15-year contract period – mostly with the aim of reducing energy consumption while maintaining the comfort of the buildings, through a remote monitoring and control system. In addition, the energy implemented measures, which are worth €1.49 million, will also reduce the Ministry of Defence's carbon footprint by 398 tonnes per year.

On top of this, the modern energy company Resalta, a strong advocate of the public-private partnership model, has implemented several similar projects in Slovenia. At the same time, it is also accelerating their development in Croatia and Serbia. Resalta will thus continue to proactively provide support to public entities, especially those who seeking improvement in energy efficiency with a reliable partner at a low market price.

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