Resalta to carry out industrial lighting project for Fragmat

Fragmat TIM, the Slovenian industrial producer of isolation materials, is collaborating once again with Resalta on a third energy efficiency project. Following the renovation of its compressor station and the addition of a heat recovery system, Fragmat will now undergo a complete renovation of all the lighting on the premises of its production facility near Laško, Slovenia.

The project includes a comprehensive lighting solution intended to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity for this purpose. All lamps for outdoor and indoor lighting will be replaced in production halls, warehouses and administrative buildings. Measurements and projections were carried out to carefully determine the required lighting specifications for each space. In total, 910 new lamps will be installed, replacing obsolete and inefficient luminaires with energy efficient LED luminaires. The reduced capacity will annually save 233 MWh of electricity for Fragmat, while also significantly reducing maintenance costs.

In 2017, Resalta carried out a project for the renovation of the compressor station for Fragmat. The newly installed compressors have a rated output of 160 kW and 90 kW and have reduced electricity consumption for the production of compressed air, saving 348 MWh annually. Following the first project, Resalta also built a system for distributing recovered heat to Fragmat, thus saving almost 500 MWh of natural gas and reducing carbon dioxide emissions will by 110 tons each year.

In total, Resalta’s combined solutions save the client over 1 GWh of energy each year, while reducing annual CO2 emissions by nearly 400 tons. As an environmentally conscious company, Fragmat is aware of the many benefits of energy efficiency and has chosen Resalta as its trusted partner on its journey. Fragmat is a great example of the different possible applications of energy efficiency solutions within the industrial sector.

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