Resalta completes 7.76 MVAr power factor correction project for Elixir Prahovo

Resalta has completed its largest power factor correction project for Elixir Prahovo, part of Elixir Group. The client is one of the largest chemical companies in Serbia, specialized in the production of phosphoric acid and NPK fertilizer.

Due to the nature of Elixir Prahovo's energy consumption, reactive energy costs for the chemical producer were very high. In order to reduce costs and consumption, Resalta carried out a preliminary assessment of the required reactive power of the unit for power factor correction and identified potential solutions. Following this, electric grid parameters were measured to detect the dynamics of electric energy consumption in real time.

Resalta's solution was the installation of a medium voltage unit for power factor correction, of reactive power 7.76 MVAr (10kV), of a filter type fc=189Hz. Resalta guarantees power factor correction of at least 0.985. By installing a reactive energy capacitor, Resalta’s solution effectively provides power factor correction and immediately lowers the bill paid to the distribution service by reducing reactive power load on the grid. Thanks to this solution, the client will generate 20% savings on reactive energy through power factor correction for the duration of the contract and over 85% once the contract expires in 6 years.

The project implementation phase was completed in early September, and Resalta will ensure maintenance and operations for the duration of the contract.

Power factor correction is one of the many solutions Resalta offers industrial clients to reduce their energy costs. Cooling, heating and ventilation technologies, along with compressed air renovations, combined heat and power generation, LED lighting and other solutions can all contribute to optimizing processes and efficiency, lowering carbon emissions and dramatically lowering energy bills for clients.

Resalta is the leading independent energy services provider in SEE and has realized over 180 projects for over 120 clients. Besides being present in Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, Resalta has expanded to the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland as well, offering the same quality of service to public and private clients throughout Central and Southeastern Europe.  

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