Topola meat industry to receive new highly efficient steam boiler

Resalta is undertaking a new project in Serbia, with IM Topola, one of Serbia’s meat industry leaders. Based in Bačka Topola in the northern region of Vojvodina, Topola produces a variety of meat products for local consumption and international export. With 60,000 heads of livestock supplied each year from its two farms, and 4,300 hectares of arable land, Topola has very large energy needs for its production.

In order to lower costs for the client and improve energy efficiency, Resalta will install a new highly efficient natural gas steam boiler, essential to the client's production, in Topola's meat processing plant. Resalta will also install all the surrounding equipment which includes a new burner, a feed water tank with degasser, the condensate tank and condensate recovery system. The project includes a new vertical tank with steam heat exchanger for the preparation of sanitary hot water and all the necessary mechanical and electrical boiler room equipment.

Once implemented, the project will generate 20% of cost savings on steam production for the client, and reduce CO2 emissions by 600 tons each year.

Under the ESCO model, besides designing and implementing the project, Resalta will provide 100% financing as well as equipment operations and maintenance for the duration of the contract. The client will repay the investment from the achieved savings.

Among other solutions that Resalta routinely provides for clients in the food industry are cooling systems, LED lighting, biomass boilers and power factor correction. Because of its energy consumption and various quality considerations, the food industry has great energy efficiency potential that can be achieved by modernizing and renovating existing systems or implementing new solutions. With a partner like Resalta, these measures are not featured as an investment on the client's balance sheet but are instead immediately reflected as savings.  

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