Resalta completes lighting project with Vinex Slavyantsi in Bulgaria

Vinex Slavyantsi is a Bulgarian leader in wine production, operating wine cellars in Slavyantsi, Sungurlare, Lozarevo, Chernitsa and Karnobat.  Using highly efficient technologies and employing qualified personnel the company produces about 150,000 hectoliters of wine, vermouth and rakia per year, exporting around the world. As an environmentally and socially conscious producer, Vinex Slavyantsi is always seeking to optimize energy efficiency and hired Resalta to improve its lighting systems. 

Resalta undertook a lighting renovation of Vinex Slavyantsi's wine cellars in Slavyantsi, Sungurlare and Lozarevo. 1,006 of the existing, inefficient luminaires were replaced with LED, thus reducing annual electricity consumption for lighting by 65% as well as maintenance costs by 54%. Moreover, the lower energy consumption also contributes to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 118 tons each year, contributing to Vinex Slavyantsi's overall sustainability. 

Lighting renovations are a straightforward and quick way to improve efficiency and generate savings: LED lighting is energy efficient because it consumes less electricity than metal halide alternatives, with a longer life cycle. Moreover, it significantly improves the quality and intensity of lighting, providing more favorable conditions for staff and clients at Vinex Slavyantsi. Under the ESCO model, Resalta has financed the lighting renovation and provides a 100% guarantee on the lighting performance, covering operations and maintenance for the duration of the contract with the client, in this case 5 years.

Resalta is the leading independent energy services provider in SEE and has realized over 180 projects for over 120 clients. A dynamic, fast-growing company, Resalta works with both public and private clients to finance, design and implement projects that reduce energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and promote sustainability while generating cost savings. Besides being present in Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, Resalta has expanded to the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland as well, offering the same impeccable quality of service throughout Central and Southeastern Europe.

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