Our shareholder structure consists of leading international companies as well as private equity funds that testify both to our professionalism and our financial backing and ability to deliver on all our promises. 

European Investment Fund & SID Banka

European Investment Fund & SID Banka are shareholders in Resalta through a joint instrument (The Slovenian Equity Growth Investment Programme). The European Investment Fund invests in SMEs through private banks and funds, partnering here with SID Banka whose goal is to stimulate the economy and promote sustainable development through its financial instruments. 

Energetika Ljubljana

Energetika  Ljubljana’s main activity is the remote supply of heat (hot water and steam), cooling and natural gas. In terms of the remote heating system’s size, distribution network’s use and sales results, we rank among the highly developed supply systems in Central Europe.

Energetika Ljubljana is the largest energy supply system with heat in Slovenia and has significant experience with the operation of energy systems and strong competences in the field of engineering.

Black Peak Capital

Black Peak Capital is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in growth capital. It avoids investments in agriculture, logging, animal husbandry, and aquaculture. The firm seeks to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises. It primarily invests in Bulgaria. The firm typically invests between EUR 0.3 million (USD 0.38 million) and EUR 3 million (USD 3.86 million). Black Peak Capital is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum is a venture capital group which holds a broad portfolio of investments in start-up and niche situations, primarily but not exclusively in the energy sector. It biggest focus is the dynamic field of renewable energy.

Our Board Members

Samo Lozej

Director of Energetika Ljubljana

Samo Lozej graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. He is a member of the Board of Energetska Zbornica Slovenije. He has been the director of several public and private companies. For the past 20 years he has been the member of Združenje Nadzornikov Slovenije (Slovenian Supervisory Association), as well as a member of several Supervisory Boards. A keen sailor, he is also a member of the Board of the Slovenian Sailing Association.

Mark Crandall

Managing Partner at Post Scriptum

Mark Crandall co-founded Morgan Stanley’s commodity trading business in 1984. Subsequently he was the head of Glencore’s oil trading business and then was a founder of Trafigura which has now become one of the largest physical commodity traders in the world. He began investing in renewable energy projects in 2005 and formed Continental Wind Partners in 2007, investing his personal funds in Polish and Romanian wind development, later recruiting outside capital to officially form Continental Wind Partners LLC in 2007.

Rossen Ivanov

Managing Partner at Black Peak Capital

Rossen Ivanov is co-founder and managing partner of BlackPeak Capital, a growth equity fund funded by the European Investment Fund and focused on supporting fast-growing Southeast European SMEs. BlackPeak Capital has invested in 11 companies across multiple industries.

Prior to BlackPeak Capital, Rossen co-founded Entrea Capital, a leading M&A and corporate finance advisory firm in Bulgaria, and worked at McKinsey & Co. in New York and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. He holds an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School and a BA degree in Economics from the American University in Bulgaria.

Dimitar Enchev

Managing Partner at Post Scriptum

Dimitar Enchev graduated from Swarthmore College and the London School of Economics and has extensive experience in renewable energy, sustainability, venture capital/private equity. Before joining PostScriptum Ventures, Dimitar served as director of CWP, a leading global developer of renewable energy, and was involved in the successful development and financing of a number of large-scale renewable energy projects including the largest wind farm in Europe – the €1.1billion Fantanele project. He still serves as a Board Member of CWP.

Luka Komazec

Director of Resalta

Luka Komazec took over the management of the newly established Resalta in 2011. His vision is to ensure Resalta’s continuous growth by developing comprehensive energy solutions and business models. He holds a degree from the Faculty of Economics of Ljubljana University. In 2010 he completed his MBA at the IEDC Bled School of Management.

23. 04. 2024

Solar power plant with total capacity of 2.2 MWp, devided into 0.86 MWp on the land and 1.33 MWp on…

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