Construction of one of the largest solar power plants in Slovenia

KLS Ljubno d.o.o., a world-renowned manufacturer of gear rings and rings for the automotive industry, and Resalta have signed one of the largest rooftop solar power plant projects in Slovenia!

KLS Ljubno is a leading company in the production of toothed rings, signal rings and mass rings for engine flywheels of passenger cars, trucks and work machines, as well as industrial rings for various industrial use. They have a strong reputation among automotive customers and suppliers worldwide and have risen to the top of their segment. In cooperation with Resalta, one of the largest solar power plants in Slovenia will be built on the roof of a production site located in the Savinja Valley.

Resalta will install two solar power plants for KLS, with a total rated capacity of almost 2 MW, which will together generate electricity by harnessing solar energy. The two solar power plants will thus generate around 2 000 MWh of electricity per year from renewable energy sources, which will be mainly used by KLS for its own consumption. The installation of the power plant will also have a significant impact on the environment, as it will reduce CO2 emissions by around 980 tonnes per year.

The project, which is currently in the final stages of preparatory work, will be completed by the end of the year and installation of the photovoltaic modules is expected to start in the first days of May 2022.

We are delighted that one of Slovenia's most successful companies is taking a leading role in the transition to green energy. We hope that other corporations will be inspired and realise the benefits of having full control over their energy consumption and at the same time generate more renewable energy at their sites,

said Luka Komazec, CEO of Resalta, at the signing of the contract.

Stay tuned.

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