New data center cooling project with Iskratel

Iskratel is a leading European provider of communications solutions with over 900 employees and local presence in more than 30 countries. The company creates cutting-edge, integrated solutions for telecommunications operators, service providers and the provides services for the digitalisation of the transport, public safety and energy industries. Its headquarters are located in Kranj, Slovenia.

Following a comprehensive energy audit carried out by Resalta, Iskratel decided to undertake some of the suggested measures to improve its energy efficiency. Resalta has signed a contract for two projects for Iskratel’s Kranj headquarters and is implementing them right now.

The first project provides an energy efficient solution for the data center which requires constant, year-long cooling. Resalta will replace the old, unreliable and energy inefficient close-control unit currently in use with a new system that will maximize energy efficiency. The new close-control unit will use free-cooling at temperatures below 18⁰C, so for most of the year, with direct air intake through filters. The hot air produced by the data center servers will be used to heat the adjoining warehouse during heating season. Thanks to this solution, energy consumption will be lowered since for most of the year only the fan for air will consumer energy and waste heat will be recuperated. An ultrasonic humidifier will regulate air moisture.

The second project is intended to improve work conditions for employees. Resalta will install a new chiller, air handling unit with recuperation and fan coils to improve ventilation and comfort cooling. Moisture will be regulated as well as temperature for optimal air treatment.

Thanks to these measures, Iskratel will benefit from 637 MWh of annual electricity savings and a reliable cooling system. In addition, its employees will enjoy improved working conditions, it will benefit from waste heat recuperation and its environmental impact will be reduced thanks to the switch from cooling media R22 to an eco-friendly solution.

The new systems are expected to be operational in the second half of June.

Stay tuned.

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