Resalta to implement four new energy efficiency projects for Gorenje

Resalta's close partnership with Gorenje continues, as our industrial team is undertaking four more energy efficiency projects for the home appliances manufacturer. Thanks to previous solutions implemented by Resalta, Gorenje has recently received an award from Dnevi Energetikov, one of Slovenia’s leading energy conferences, for Most Energy Efficient company of 2018. Given the large scale of Gorenje’s manufacturing and production, the company has decided to implement several additional solutions in its Velenje, Slovenia and Valjevo, Serbia factories.

The solutions that will be implemented in the coming months include two new chillers, a combined heat and power unit and the renovation of the compressed air station. 

Compressed air: Resalta is developing two projects in Gorenje’s factory in Valjevo, Serbia, to modernize two separate compressor stations. In the first project, two new compressors with a nominal power of 160 kW and 37 kW will be installed, while the second station will be fully renovated and include a new 37 kW compressor.

Resalta will also install an extension for compressed air dryers, renovate the pipelines in order to regulate the pressure conditions and establish a system for waste heat recovery and monitor the operation of all compressors.This will lower energy consumption by 10% and enable a yearly recovery of 1,200 MWh of heat energy.

Combined heat and power: Resalta will install another CHP unit in Gorenje’s Velenje complex, with an electric capacity of 984 kW and a heat capacity of 999 kW. This project will also benefit from subsidies from a support scheme. The unit will operate 4,000 hours a year but can operate for 7,000 hours. It will significantly increase Gorenje's independence from district heating and the reliability of its systems. 

Cooling systems: The final project will install new cooling units for the kitchen appliances and washing machine production halls in Velenje. In the kitchen appliances hall, a cooling unit with a free cooling section with a cooling power of 730 kW will be installed, and the washers hall will receive a chiller with 560 kW of cooling power. The consumption of electricity for the production of cooling energy will be reduced by about 80% with these projects. In addition to better energy efficiency, the old systems which included the environmentally hazardous refrigerant R22 will be scrapped.

All three contracts will last 10 years and the combined project worth is almost 2 million EUR. This brings the total of projects Resalta has implemented with Gorenje up to eight, and is a testament to the high potential for energy efficiency that large-scale manufacturers have. Energy efficiency solutions can be applied in a variety of ways, ranging from energy management systems, lighting renovation, cogeneration and cooling units to compressed air solutions. All of these result in significant energy and financial savings for Gorenje, but also optimized processes, shorter production cycles and greater employee comfort. 

Stay tuned.

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