Resalta launches 8th project with Sava Hotels and Resorts

The Radenci health resort is one of the oldest in Slovenia, as well as one of the biggest, boasting 10 pools with a total water surface of 1,460 m2. To run the extensive complex of hotels, spas and treatment centers in Radenci, Sava Turizem requires a large supply of reliable and sustainable energy that guarantees guest comfort while preserving the natural environment that is crucial to the thermal resort.

Following ultrafiltration and combined heat and power projects that were already realized by Resalta to optimize energy consumption at the site, Zdravilišče Radenci has chosen to undergo a lighting renovation project. The switch from fluorescent or mercury lighting to LED is a straightforward but highly efficient way to save energy and lower costs as well as environmental impact.

This is the second phase of the lighting renovation project for the Radenci spa. Earlier this year, Resalta carried out the first phase, replacing 108 external luminaires in the resort with LED luminaires. Now, in the second half of 2019, Resalta will replace 1,230 of the internal and remaining external luminaires throughout the resort with LED. 

The lighting renovation will bring lighting levels up to local and international standards, while improving luminosity and guest experience. Because of the resort’s requirements regarding esthetics, luminosity and dimensions, 41 different types of luminaires in total will be installed, all LED. By reducing the installed capacity by 77 kW, Resalta will reduce energy consumption by 72%, thus saving Sava Turizem 479 MWh of electric energy each year. This measure will also lower CO2 emissions by 232 tons each year, improving the resort’s carbon footprint.

This is the 8th project that Resalta is implementing for Sava Hotels & Resorts following CHP, ultrafiltration, geothermal energy and lighting projects realized at the Zdravilišče Radenci, Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice, Hotel Rikli Balance and Terme Ptuj locations. The benefits of energy efficiency for commercial clients can be felt through many different solutions adapted to the specificities of each location. Energy is the third largest cost for hospitality clients and is often overlooked as a potential for savings. Resalta’s service portfolio includes a number of tailored solutions that are specially adapted to the hospitality segment.

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