Resalta to modernize lighting for Paloma in Sladki Vrh

Resalta is partnering with Paloma, the leading paper company based in Sladki Vrh, Slovenia, to modernize lighting in its production facilities.

Paloma has been producing and marketing hygienic paper products since 1873 and is the market leader in Southeast Europe. It produces 72,000 tonnes of hygienic paper each year from its facility in Sladki Vrh. A socially responsible company with a strong commitment to preserving the environment, Paloma initially hired Resalta to undertake an energy audit of its headquarters. Following Resalta’s recommendations, Paloma decided to modernize its lighting system and switch to more sustainable and energy efficient LED technology.

Resalta will replace 441 fluorescent luminaires with 458 LED luminaires in three of Paloma’s production halls in Sladki Vrh. This measure will lower the installed capacity by 65 kW, thus saving 330 MWh of energy each year. Not only will luminosity be improved along with employee comfort in the production facilities, but the client will save 62% on electricity costs thanks to the reduced capacity. Moreover, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 665 tons annually, which will lessen the environmental impact of Paloma’s production.

Following the ESCO model, Resalta will finance the entire project, ensure its timely implementation and take care of operations and maintenance for the duration of the contract with Paloma. The client enjoys a part of the savings immediately, repaying Resalta gradually from the achieved savings. 

Resalta is a leading energy efficiency and renewables company in Central and Southeastern Europe, operating in eight markets throughout the region. A dynamic, fast-growing company, Resalta works with both public and private clients to finance, design and implement projects that reduce energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and promote sustainability while generating cost savings. So far, the company has realized over 180 energy projects for over 120 clients and continues to expand its product and service portfolio.

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